Biscuits and Noodles Industry in Pokhara monitored

Tourism Pokhara.

Tuesday, two noodles and one biscuit factory got under the radar of monitoring group. Pokhara Foods Pvt.Ltd, Pokhara Noodles Pvt.Ltd and Himshree Foods Pvt.Ltd operating within Pokhara Industrial Estate were inspected by the district monitoring committee.
Mr Ganga Bahadur Chettri Dep CDO of Kaski told that the Noodles and biscuits packages manufactured by Pokhara Noodles and Pokhara Foods were found more weightier than the quoted weight.

“Dried Fish and Tasting Powder manufactured by HimShree Foods were found without packaging date and thus sealed”, Mr Kapil Nath Koirala from Consumer Forum informed. 5 sacks of dried fish, each of 40 kgs and 40 sacks tasting powder each weighing 25kgs were sealed as they contained no manufacturing or consumable date records, Mr Koirala added.The sample is sent to Butwal for inspection and since the report is due for few days the stock was sealed. Also Mr. Koirala told that the workers of three factories were directed to take safety measures on and off work and promote sanitation.

The monitoring team was comprised of sub CDO of Kaski Mr Ganga Bahadur Chhetri, Chairman of National Consumers Forum Mr. Prem Lal Maharjan, Chairman of Consumer Forum Kaski Mr Kapilnath Koirala, Mr. Dinanath Baral from Nepal Journalist Federation Kaski, officials from security forces and Department of Weights and Measures and other stakeholders as well.


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