Cloth Measuring Meter Tapes Tested In Pokhara

Tourism Pokhara. Accuracy and reliability of meter tapes for measuring cloths has been tested in Pokhara.

Measuring tapes of most clothes dealers operating in Pokhara as well as Kaski district was tested and membership of cloth dealers was also renewed in the occasion. The program was organised by Clothes Dealers Association Kaski in a joint coordination of Office of Standards and Measures Pokhara and Federation of Commerce and Industry Pokhara.

The Association informed that the purpose of meter testing was to provide reliable service to consumers by eliminating shortcomings in such meters. Many meters were found rusted, bent or in damaged condition while testing. Though there are thousands of clothes and Dhaka cloth dealers in Kaski district, only around 300 dealers are members of association.

” Such events are often organised by association to promote business and entrepreneurial ethics” Nabin Napit informed. The dealers said that such programs help to build business professionalism and make dealers concerned about consumers rights as well as promote a legal and ethical business.

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