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Filipino Princess Maria Amor Visits Pokhara

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Filipino Princess Dr Maria Amor Torres visited ‘City of Lake’- Pokhara- and praised it, calling a paradise.

Dr Maria is a princess of the Royal House of Baloi (RHOB), one of the most important Royal Institution in Southern Philippines. The website of RHOB illustrated that The Royal House of Baloi used to be one of the 19 royal houses of Mindanao and one of the four major principalities which hold together all the communities into an ancient alliance or confederation long before the introduction of modern society.

Dr Maria is visiting Pokhara, a city housing nine lakes within the Lake Cluster of the Pokhara Valley, at the invitation of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual World University (BSWU) in Pokhara. She is here as an extension of her campaign to enhance advocacies on the wide range of humanitarian issues such as peace, health, education and human trafficking among others.

The royal philanthropist was accompanied by another social campaigner Aphinita Chaichana, who chairs the Namo Buddha Club, a charity. They are extending support to the ‘Aama Ghar’ (Mother Home Project) to build shelter for elderly women, being undertaken at Simpani of Manahari Rural Muncipality-8 in the western Makwanpur district.  Talking to the National News Agency (RSS), the globetrotter Princess, who is also dubbed as the ‘Travelling Princess’, shared her experiences of touring the world and why and how she coordinate efforts for humanitarian endeavors such as extending care and help to the underprivileged, building peace projects, strengthening international relations, promoting health and education, empowering women and the like.

Enchanted by the picturesque Pokhara, the 48 year old princess chimed in, “I am mesmerized beyond words by the mountain views and the lakes here.” “The beauty of Pokhara, is inexplicable. So is the beauty of the people here. Nepal is very close to my heart. I have been visiting Nepal for a while and long wished to visit this city and I finally made it,” she gushed. She said that she was also looking forward to doing some tourism during her sojourn in Pokhara.”I am waiting for the good weather window to take an ultra light flight to view mountains from close quarters.” Earlier, the Princess who lives by the principle ‘Love is the only religion in the world’ had visited Shiva Temple at KI Singh Bridge area and received tika from the priest.

Echoing with Dr Maria, Chaichana, President of We Care for Humanity, said she was also captivated by Pokhara.  Together they visited Taal Barahi Temple situated in the middle of Fewa Lake and paid obeisance to the Goddess Durga who is considered as the protective mother of the universe in Hindu faith. “Every religion establishes relations with each other and inspires human to serve humanity,” philosophized the Filipino Princess, condemning the religious conflicts taking toll on the humanity lately.  Chaichana argued that humanitarian services were the foundation of peace and pledged to spend her energy for the greater good of humanity.

The duo who were welcomed in Pokhara by Paranita, the Director of BSWU, received an overwhelming response from the locals of Pokhara for they were all praise for Dr Maria’s praise of Pokhara as well as her humanitarian undertakings not only in Nepal but also across the globe.

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