Fuel Prices Up Again

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The prices of petroleum products flared up once again within a month period as Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) announced a dearer price list coming to effect from midnight today.
The new adjusted price will make petrol, diesel and kerosene  dearer by 1 Rupee while the price of LPG or cooking gas will cost Rs 1375 per cylinder which is dearer by 25 rupees. As per new price, petrol will cost Rs 102 and diesel and kerosene Rs 79 each per litre.
Similarly the price of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) for domestic usage is increased by Rs 3 which means per litre cost of ATF will be Rs 90.
The price has been adjusted as the sole supplier of petroleum products to Nepal, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) sent NOC the new price list.

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