IDs Needed To Enter Pokhara Stadium

Tourism Pokhara
If you are planing to roam and hangover around Pokhara stadium, now you will be needing identity cards. In an effort to manage the stadium, id cards will be issued for entering the stadium from now on.
The infrastructure development works have gained pace recently in the stadium spread over 417 ropanis area. The infrastructure are being built considering the upcoming 13th South Asian Games (SAG). To facilitate the regular construction work without any disturbance , the idea of identity card is put forward, Mr Khaga Raj Paudel, chairman of Western Regional Sports Development Committee informed.
The District Sports Development Committee Kaski is planning to take some annual fees for providing id cards to those other than the officials of Sports association linked to committee and other important individuals.Chairman Yam Bahadur Gurung informed that some provisions will be made to regular morning walkers. Mr Gurung also informed that 80  organisations are registered in Kaski District Sports Development Committee but only 25 are working effectively. Most of them are established only to get individual benefit like abroad visit and admit central members. They have neither bank accounts nor have conducted general meeting regularly. We have not renewed those organisations, added Gurung.
The Treasurer of District Sports Committee and chairman of Kaski District Players Association Mr. Deepak Godar believed that the id card system will make stadium more managed and decorum venue. He added that the stadium is temple to players and sports and thus should be well conserved and promoted.

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