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Lone effort by Lama Guru to construct Gumba

Tourism Pokhara. In a scenario of deteriorating natural and cultural heritage in the city, a Buddhist Lama Guru in his lone effort have constructed a unique Gumba here in Khapaudi, the lower edge of Fewa Lake. Lama Guru Padam Karma Chhiring in his individual effort have constructed unique Buddhist and Hindu gumba(temple).

For the promotion of religious tourism of Pokhara, my family have built this unique Kunga Dorje Sang Teling Gumba, Lama Chhewang said. He said, “This is one of the five unique Gumbas of the world. This will be different than other Gumbas as this Gumba will attract internal as well as international tourists following different religions as well.” There will be 108 statues of gods and goddesses from different religions in the Gumba. Lama added that the god himself aknowledged him to build this gumba so he will spend all his might and effort to build the Gumba. He believed that his dream will be fulfilled sooner or later.

Born in Gothepani Village of Kavre district, Lama joined religious path early from his childhood. His devotion in religious path and early mentoring from senior Lamas has made Chhewang Lama a popular name at present. Lama who came to Pokhara 2042B.S is a talented Thanka artist as well.  Lama added that an individual needs knowledge, skill, Yoga and Concentration to attain success in life.

Lama informed that the construction work of main building is completed but the furnishing and painting works are still left to complete the finishing. “This dream of mine is the only income of my whole life and to fulfill this and promote this place as an yoga and dhyan centre among devotees of various religions is my goal”, said Lama. Lama also said that the construction of building cost 30 million and an additional 15 million is required to complete the remaining work.
Lama citing the lack of funds, requested donors to donate for the completion of construction work. At present 5-7

devotees visit Gumba daily to offer worship and do Yoga and Dhyan. Norkin Dolma Lama, wife of Chhewang Lama is also actively involved in Lama’s campaign.The Lama family reside nearby the Gumba that is spread in the land area of 1.5 ropanis.

he impressive Lama couple have devoted their life to works that the government should be doing. This effort to guide world towards peace is absolutely appreciable. The thanka paintings made by Lama’s couple is in presentation in Japan costing almost 5 million rupees. A single Thanka painting made by them have been sold at upto 700 thousands rupees maximum.

Lama informed that the painting took 18 months of hard work by 5 artists including him. “Mud, iron, wood, colors and even gold is used for making Thankas”, Lama said. Lama family also shared their greetings to every well wishers and Nepalese in the occasion of Lhosar and prayed for ever lasting peace in the country.

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