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Lord Shiva Statue In Pumdikot Will Lengthen Tourist Stay In Pokhara – MPs

Tourism Pokhara. The Members of Parliament and Provincial Assembly from Province 4 said that the large statue of Lord Shiva that is to be built at Pumdikot will lengthen tourist stay in Pokhara.

MPs whom were seen at Pokhara Lekhnath Municipality, Ward No. 22 Pumdikot Ward, said the Lord Mahadev statue that is going to built along with Biswa Shanti Stupa, already located here will play a vital role in religious and tourism development of the area and will lengthen tourist stay by at least one day.

Pumdikot Large Mahadev Statue Construction and Tourism Promotion Committee welcomed and congratulated the MPs with garland in the program. MPs promised to provide as much support as possible from their side for the development of area as Pumdikot will be religious and tourism centre of not just province 4 but entire Nepal. Rabindra Adhikari, MP from Province 4 said that the Buddha Stupa and Lord Shiva statue in same hill will certainly help in religious tourism promotion. MP Krishna Gurung focusing on religious tolerance said that everyone should unite for national sovereignty. MP Prithvi Subba Gurung said that new generation demands new thought process. He added, “We will work with the people, for the people to develop province 4 as model province for entire nation.”

Similarly MP Rajib Pahari said that the statue of Lord Mahadev will increase tourist stay in Pokhara. He also urged the central as well as province government to be concerned about status of natural heritage like Fewa Lake. Meanwhile MP Jagat Bishwakarma expressed his belief that cooperation from everyone will help the rapid construction of new structures.

Ram Chandra Paudel, Senior leader of Nepali Congress said the Mahadev Statue will help the Gandaki region to further develop as best tourism spot of Nepal. He said, “Instead of blame games and abusing each other we should work together in path of development and prosperity.”  He also said that the new thought should now focus on how to develop our province and country instead of debating in useless agendas. He urged the MPs to stand together for conservation of all the lakes of Pokhara Lekhnath.

Yagya Bahadur Thapa, Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs said the Mahadev Statue and Bishwa Shanti Stupa should be now connected with Lumbini for a comprehensive Buddhist and Hindu circuit. In a different context he said, “We will leave government by Falgun 7 and we wish for success in advance to new government.”

Dinanath Sharma, Leader of Maoist Centre said that historic and religious monuments will play an important role in economic development and prosperity of nation. He emphasized on joining Pokhara with Lumbini and Muktinath by Buddha Circuit. Shukra Raj Sharma, Leader of Nepali Congress requested everyone to pay attention to such places as they bring together people from different religion and culture in a common ground.

Dirgha Narayan Paudel, Chief Executive of Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan informed that the metro will cooperate with the Pumdibhumdi project by aiding with 30 Million Rupees. The program organised to congratulate and honour MPs was chaired by by chairman of committee Mr. Chandra Kanta Baral. In thr event Ward-22 Chairman Mitralal Baral, Lions District Governor Dhan Raj Acharya, Chief Secretary of Committee Prakash Baral and others expressed their views.

Chandra Kanta Baral, chairman of committee informed that the construction work of Mahadev Statue along with tourism infrastructure development in Pumdibhumdi area have gained pace in later days. “A comprehensive plan to develop Pumdikot as religious and tourism site within 5 years at an investment of 210 Million Rupees is underway”, he added. He also informed that a permanent building worth 36 million has already been constructed here. The huge statue of Lord Mahadev will be provided by youth entrepreneur Kamal Nayan. He also informed that a martyr memorial park with the Mahadev statue will be built within two years.

Baral said that the Mahadev statue will be surrounded by 108 Shiva lingas and will also be rotated by Lord Ganesh statue with the help of a die. Prakash Baral, Secretary of Committee informed that the Mahayagya orgaized by committee was successful in collecting 100 million Rupees along with land property.

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