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Machinery Worth 12.4 Millions In Pokhara To Control Excess Aqua Vegetation In Lakes

Tourism Pokhara. A machinery worth 12.4 million Rupees is brought to control excessive growth of aquatic vegetation in lakes of Pokhara.

Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan introduced the machine at Fewa Lake on Wednesday. Operators from metropolitan and technicians of machine demonstrated the machine in Fewa Lake for whole Wednesday. Metropolitan had begun the process to import the machinery since 6 months. The machine that was stuck for 1 month in Sri Lankan seaport arrived Birjung ten days ago.

After metropolitan brought this heavy duty equipment, the task of controlling excessive aquatic plants and nuisance vegetation in lakes of Pokhara and Lekhnath is expected to be more easier, effective and smoother. Also with the introduction of this machinery, it has been expected that the so called organizations in more than dozen numbers that are formed for lake conservation will also go jobless. It has been often accused that these organizations and individuals, in name of lake conservation have often demanded dollars with donor agencies and tourists as well.

The machinery that is called Aqua Plant Harvester is made in Canada. Sarin Kc, Director of Met Group Pvt. Ltd, supplier of machine, claimed that the equipment is first of its kind in entire South Asia. He also informed that the machine can collect aquatic plants and solid pollutants within 1 square km area in 2 hours. He said that the machine could be operated by single manpower and it can collect any amount of unwanted aquatic vegetation and waste of lake once it is connected to collecting net. Kc claimed that the machine could collect weeds and dirt up to 4 ft depth.

Kc also informed that the machine will consume 40 litres of fuel during 10 – 12 hours of usage. He said that the machine will take only 8 to 10 hours to remove the amount of weed that used to be seen in Fewa lake in previous years. ” The machine is designed to operate in oceans so these lakes here seem less that a pond to this machine”, he added.

KC informed that the company has provided one year guarantee and 2 years warranty to the machine. The technicians of machine said ,” Since this is a hydraulic system machine, regular maintenance and renewal of engine oil, air filter, cool in, etc should be done.”

Mahendra Godar, Head of Fewa Lake Conservation Project and Engineer of Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan, informed that the metropolitan is planning further steps to conserve and promote Fewa Lake and also that the machine will be used to clean all 9 lakes of metropolitan. He said that the metropolitan is planning to build a Check Dam in Harpan Khola at an estimated cost of 0.2 billion rupees. Also the metropolitan is planning to bring a Grading Machine next year to dig the soil and residue collected by Harpan Khola and return the stream to its regular track, he added.

The pokhreli residents are happy that the metropolitan have started to show some actions for lake conservation lately. Jagat Pahari, chairman of Pokhara Lekhnath ward-6 said that the metropolitan should coordinate with concerned authority of local level and local representatives and delegate authority for the preservation of various lakes of entire metropolitan.

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