New Generation With New Thoughts

Ujjwal Khanal, Tourism Pokhara. Globalization has made our world different than yesterday in every aspects. Most significant is the change in thought process. The thoughts of yesterday are gone today and tomorrow will bring a new set of thoughts than today. A significant change is seen in our communication and learning method, be it reading, speaking or writing.

The later two decades have left the 2 millenniums of civilization far behind in terms of beliefs and values, leave alone technology. Here a point to be noted to this change is the level of optimism that has peaked in this generation. The demand of individuals have broaden with modern lifestyle. The expectations have reached a new height. And in the quest of self(ish) satisfaction, individualism have far left behind group-ism. The modern generation has left out for a deadly hunt of money leaving everything behind. But then still new dimensions of hope have also developed.

Technology has taken a giant leap. Our professionalism culture has grown to adulthood. People are expecting peace, prosperity, happiness and civilization all at once. What promises these achievement is a developed society, a developed country and what develops a country is the level of technology. Developed countries have invested a lot in the field of science and technology. But where are we as a citizens of a developing nation? This is not even a subject of comparison. We are way behind the first world’s technological prowess. Is this a question of our ability? No, certainly not. We have ability but what we lack is opportunity. Our highways to investment are blocked.

The infrastructures that our ancestors have built are proven much scientific and advanced. But yet we haven’t been able to understand the logic behind those. Let alone new construction, we haven’t been able to replica a copy of them. In the name of modernization we are forgetting our culture, our tradition, our identity. Is this the weakness of our people or is it the government to blame? Matters are complicated. But one thing is sure that if the leaders of our nation have given a minor thought to these subjects, things would have been different to some extent; and our new generations would get some opportunities.

There are many Nepali individuals that are famous in international level. This proves our ability when provided opportunity. But why couldn’t those talents flourish here? Why couldn’t our country utilize those talents? Instead of answering these questions those talents are often criticized of deceiving their nation, doubted about their nationality, questioned about their responsibility. Millions youth leave nation annually for opportunities, to study to earn. This is their compulsions to go abroad to meet the basic necessities of life. In fact the truth is that our country runs on remittance send by those workers. The truth is that our huge workforce is outside our country. And the most bitter truth is that there exists some people who don’t want to see skilled manpower here because they might takeover them.

In fact we have developed a tradition of foreign migration. The talents leave Nepal for their higher education immediately after their basic education. The next level of manpower gets higher education here but eventually lack of opportunity forces them abroad. Then finally the dormant workforce with few country lovers and those lucky few who have got some opportunity here are the only workforce left here. They then turnout to be the leaders and experts of our nation. Apart from these, are the capitalists who run various industries and business. This work group also due to lack of security, unfavorable government policy feels uninterested to expand their capital and eventually escape with their capital as well.

In the base of these problems, stand our education system. Economic standard has been a measure of prestige in society. This has led to money first concept in new generation instead of achieving skill and knowledge first. Be it schools, colleges or universities, the students and teachers have grown indifferent feelings and hostile relation with each others. Students seem to disrespect teachers, teachers seem to disregard profession. And thus the teaching and learning environment seems to be polluted more and more. Leave alone practical knowledge, the theoretical knowledge seems incomplete, traditional and outdated. Lack of skilled leadership, bad practice in politics, lack of ethics and discipline, professional un accountability are at the center of these problems.

The country that was destroyed by natural disasters still is in state of shock. Government has failed in reconstruction and compensating the real victims. The earthquake victims still haven’t found shelter yet. Even in this complex scenario, a game of dirty politics is on instead of working together for reconstruction. What sort of political picture we are sending out to world? A question to all the leaders of our country from this writer. Being in a complex geographical structure, we are prone to varieties of natural disasters. These disasters will often make our nation suffer. Therefore, this is high time that we should start to make necessary preparations for these kinds of calamities. We should develop scientific precautions to tackle them. Till when will we live with uncertain life and wait for untimely death?

Finally, only by prioritizing the available opportunities and investment, bringing back our skilled manpower from abroad and creating an environment to utilize their skill and ability here, we can led our country in the directions of prosperity. This is the time that our leaders need to get serious at least once for the nation.

Translated by Tourism Pokhara.

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