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Pokhara Street Festival Set To Commence On 28th Dec

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The 20th edition of Street Festival of Pokhara, Lakeside is set to begin from 28th of December. Celebrated with the slogan of “Sadak Mai Khau, Sadak Mai Nachau, Sadak Mai Ramau”, the festival will be celebrated till New Year Day of 2019.

Restaurant and Bar Association Nepal (REBAN), the organiser of the festival informed that the preparations are being conducted in full fledge for a much eventful and transformed program. In the Press meet organised on Friday, REBAN also informed that the five day festival will particularly focus on celebrating English New Year which will create a festive mood among the visitors.

Bhimsen Bhujel, Chairman of REBAN Pokhara mentioned that the main purpose of the festival is to develop Pokhara as a destination of celebration, however not to forget its culture and tradition. Also Bhujel added that the festival aims to introduce Pokhara to outside world from a business prospective as well by conserving and promoting business ethics, norms and values of the city. Festival will be celebrated in a 3.5 km road track from Sahidchowk, Lakeside to Dihikopatan,

Chau Bahadur Gurung, ex-chairman of REBAN and Cultural Event Coordinator of Festival said that the programs intends to bring both internal and international visitors as much as possible. Also Gurung informed that food cuisines from different countries along with cultural programs from Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indian teams will be the part of the show.

Reminiscing the past days when many Nepalese entrepreneurs visited abroad and tourist returning back to their countries to celebrate New Year, Ganesh Bahadur Bhattarai, the initiator of Lakeside Street Festival expressed his gratitude to everyone to develop the festival to such extravaganza. He expressed his belief that the festival has now turned to a ever flowing river which has been effective to promote both internal as well as international tourism. He also suggested that the festival should imitate positives from international festivals as well as promote cultural and traditional aspects of the locality.

Ganesh Thapa, Chief Secretary of REBAN and Media coordinator of event informed that musical shows, dance shows, entertainment programs, various sports competitions for restaurant and bar Staffs and adventurous games will be the part of the festival. Thapa also mentioned that the main promoter of the event is Nepal Tourism Board and the main sponsor of the event is Gorkha Brewery and Jawalakhel Group of Industries. Meanwhile the cosponsors of the event are Bottlers Nepal, Terai Ltd. and Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd, Thapa informed.

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