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Rescripting The Lost Trail In Pokhara

Tourism Pokhara. Women tourism entrepreneurs of Pokhara have come together to identify, conserve and promote the ancient rural tracks that were scripted by our ancestors with their own hand.  With development of modern transportation network, these ancient paths have lost their importance and are in danger of extinction or completely forgotten.

Named as “The Lost Trail”, trekking starting from Damside passing through Biswa Shanti Stupa to Anudu and back to Lakeside was organized by Nepal Tourism Board Regional Office, Pokhara and co-organised by Tourism Entrepreneurs Women Association Nepal (TEWAN) for the promotion and conservation of 5 km long trekking trail.

The shortening tourist stay due to development of roadway and transportation could be extended by developing these kind of trekking trails and tourism centre, the entrepreneurs claimed. Trekking is often taken as reliable medium for promotion of local places as well as local businesses, conservation of local art and culture and also source of entertainment. Also not only for tourism industry trekking can be beneficial for tourists themselves as well.

Kedar Nath Sharma, Chairman of Pokhara Tourism Coucil said that identification of existing trekking trails and possible  new trails can be beneficial for entire tourism industry. He also expressed happiness for the enthusiasm shown by women tourism entrepreneur for exploring and identifying such opportunities.

Surya Thapaliya, Head of Nepal Tourism Board Regional Office, Pokhara, said that the Board is planning to organize 10 different programs for the promotion of tourism industry. He also said that the trail that was priorly identified has not yet established as a commercial trekking route and developing it commercially will certainly help in tourism development.

The trekking route can extend tourist stay in Pokhara by at least one day. Promotion of Damside-Stupa-Anadu-Lakeside trail can bring new dimensions to tourism in Pokhara. The route can be established as a religious, cultural as well as natural avenue for tourists. Extracting secluded, natural environment from rapid urbanization and pollution, the route can give tourists a peculiar experience in Pokhara.

Lucky Karki Chhetri, Chairperson of TEWAN, said that emphasis should be given to places with tourism potential around Pokhara which are still in veil. She added that the association will work to identify and promote such areas.

Bikal Tulachan, Chairman of Western Region Hotel Association, said that the development of such trekking route is only possible by establishing hotels and restaurants en-route with lodging and fooding facility in affordable rate with sufficient provision of security.

Kamala Giri, Secretary of TEWAN, focused on promotion of tourism in national and international level. She also claimed that TEWAN will always be working to identify tourism potential within and outside Pokhara as well. In the hiking event named “The Last Trail”, more than 60 journalists as well as representatives from various tourism related organizations had participated.

Sarita Chhetri, a local resident said that the trail will also help to raise economic standard of local people with more people movement. Chhetri who left teaching profession to be a tourism entrepreneur said that the trek can be beneficial in terms of health of tourists as well as entertaining and informative in terms of culture and religion.

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