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Sarangkot masterplan in limbo since 15 years

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14 years have already passed since a master plan was made to develop Sarangkot as a religious tourism destination. During 14 years, for 4 times “MahaYagya” was organised in different time interval to collect fund. Some work was done too with the fund collected but still the masterplan is miles far from the goal set. This time around, Sarangkot religious tourism sector development committee is planning for the 5th grand immolation( mahayagya)  with a determined vision to fulfill the master plan.
The master plan is spread in a land area of 100 ropanis with an estimated cost of Rs 290 millions. The Mahayagya will begin on 22 Magh aiming to collect 50 millions rupees. A deal is set to be signed with Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan city for 130 million rupees. Essential surveys for tourism infrastructure are already done by metropolitan and DFID-EPI.
Chairman of Committee, Mr. Prem Bahadur Gc informed in a press met, that different infrastructure development plans are proposed for the master plan with the involvement of Industrialists, businessmen, local supporters, political parties and Annapurna cablecar which is in developing phase.
51 feet statue of lord Shiva, 108 Shivalingas, 108 taps, temples of various gods and goddesses and a huge Buddha statue will be built. Similarly the largest bell in Nepal will be established at lord Shiva’s statue. Mr Gc added that a multipurpose building, historical museum, view tower, helipad, picnic spot etc will also be the part of first phase plan.
Mayor of Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan assured full support from metropolitan for bringing the masterplan of Ward no 18 Sarangkot into implementation. He also said that the metropolitan has also realized the master plan as its  own duty and will cooperate with various donating bodies. The plan was initiated in the chairmanship of ex chairman Lok Bahadur Thapa but the project was halted citing lack of funds.
Committee had organized first mahayagya at Sarangkot itself while the second was organized at Mahendrapool. The third and fourth version were organized at Kathmandu and Bindhabasini temple, Pokhara respectively. The committee participated only as a helping hand during second to fourth Mahayagya.
Situated at height of 1592 metre above sea level, Sarangkot is a nexus of adventurous tourism. Zipflyer, paragliding are operated from Sarangkot. The locals believe that the work in progress, cable car will further aid in tourism promotion.
Tourism industry started in Pokhara in 2030s. During 4 decades of development of tourism in Pokhara, a significant rise in number of tourists can be observed. The rising sun is trademark of Sarangkot. According to historians, during the reign of Shah king Kulmandan Shah, playing sword (known as Sarang) was taught at kot thus giving the name Sarangkot.

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