Shrinking Fewa And Increasing Encroachment. Till When?

Tourism Pokhara

Fewa Lake is the centre of tourism attraction of Pokhara city. It has given a source of livelihood to many. Moreover in the name of conserving lake, dozens of organisations are registered as well. Despite this, lake encroachment is increasing day by day and thus shrinking the lake area while those related bodies are observing the scene very quietly.
The news on lake encroachment was published previously as well and in the response Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan cofiscated some construction materials as well. But then the construction of physical infrastructure have started again lately but the metropolitan doesn’t seem to be noticed. The tragedy of the lake has been such that it’s so called protectors always seem to be in deep sleep unless locals and media wake them up.
Tulsi Narayan Shrestha, a hotel operator is constructing a house in Khapaudi. Similarly a gazebo is being built at Gairako Chautara by Yograj Chalise. The metropolitan confiscated construction materials thrice previously but then again the construction have started again. Mr Man Bahadur Gc, Mayor of city when questioned about the construction works said that he was unknown about it. He though added that no one can encroach the lake area. Mr Rajiv Pahari, member of Provincial Assemby also said that had no idea about the issue. He also said the local authority should aware about that and strict actions should be taken against the encroachers. The locals however showed their dissatisfaction by saying that it was a pitiful response by those whose prime focus was lake conservation during the election days. The locals incited the local body to be serious for the conservation of lake area. They also urged the concerned authority to intervene in the construction works happening in the Lake area.
After our previous report on encroachment of Fewa Ramsar wetland conservation area, metropolitan showed some effort to stop it. But then as time passed Metropolitan doesn’t seems responsible nor accountable to the issue.
No one can even dig or pile soil in wetland area without the permission of local authority however in Fewa Lake wetland area, construction works are done openly without any permission. Metropolitan city Police head, Mr Basant Chalise said that the police withheld construction materials twice- thrice times. Head of Fewa Lake conservation project and Er. Mr Mahendra Godar complained that few impertinent businessmen continued the construction disrespecting Metropolitan’s warning and also informed that a complaint to take necessary legal actions are forwarded.
The lake area covering about 6 square km, if continued encroach like this will ultimately turn into a pond. This encroachment along with the residue brought by Khahare stream might bring danger to existence of lake. Therefore the concerned authority must be proactive and responsible for the conservation of whole City’s pride.

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