Solid Waste Management Campaign In Ward 3 Of Po.Le Metro

Tourism Pokhara. A campaign is conducted by Po.Le Metropolitan, Ward-3 for the management of solid waste within the source.

The campaign was initiated by Ward office in a joint coordination with Batabaran Sudhar Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Kalpana Baral, Head of Sanitation Division of Metropolitan said that the program is started with an awareness campaign for classifying biodegradable and non-degradable waste. Baral also informed that the campaign is initiated in 3 wards of metropolitan; Ward 2, 4 and 11.

Rabindra Bahadur Praju, chairman of Ward-3 claimed that ward-3 has became first to conduct such campaign. He requested the general public of Ward-3 to dispose waste in proper place and not pollute public areas. He also requested the public to manage nondegradable waste in garbage container vehicles operated by Metropolitan. “Those who pollute public places will be fined from Rs 5000 to 50000”, Praju said.

Chief guest of program Mr Rameswar Malla, chairman of Ward-2 said that the campaign will be initiated in ward-2 as well within a week. Similarly, Shankar Prasad Bastola, Chairman of Ward-4 also said that the campaign will begin in Ward-4 as well and also urged entire public of Ward to cooperate in the campaign.

Also 40 dustbins were distributed to Gyanbhumi Secondary School, Kanya Campus, local Mother’s group and Youth Club operating in Ward-3 in the program. Bidur Giri, operator of Batabaran Sudhar Pvt. Ltd and other guests of program distributed the dustbins.In the program chaired by Mr Rabindra Bahadur Praju, Chairman of Ward-3, Srikanta Timilsina, Information officer of Ward-3 hosted the event and Kalpana Baral gave the welcome speech.

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