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Bringing In 2 Million Tourist Is Possible Claims CM Gurung

Tourism Pokhara. Chief Minister of Province 4, Prithvi Subba Gurung claimed that there is a possibility to bring in 2 million tourists in Pokhara.

He said 2 million tourist won’t be a big deal if the city is developed as a tourism hub. Speaking in opening ceremony of 34th annual session of Nepal Red Cross Society Kaski Branch, Gurung added, “To turn Pokhara into a tourism hub, a special focus should be given in conserving water bodies and lakes around here, construction of International Airport and widening 6 highways connecting with Pokhara to at least 6 lanes.”

Gurung also announced that province 4 will be made peaceful, beautiful, civilized and prosperous during his tenure. Focusing on industrialisation and increasing inland revenue, we will flourish in individual, provincial to national level, he added.

Gurung, pointing out the challenges of first ever provincial government said, “We are obliged to start from zero without policies, law and budget was well.” The provincial government faces a tough challenge to build policies and law, form budget and promote agricultural, educational, industrial and tourism sector of province. This will nonetheless be an opportunity and not merely a challenge for Gurung and his cabinet.

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