Canadian Citizen Residing In Pokhara Provides Aid To Bara Storm Victim

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A Canadian citizen residing in Pokhara has provided aid to victims of recent devastating storm in Hardiya, Bara.

Relief team led by Michael Han, a social worker, associated with Centre for International Studies and Cooperation Nepal (CECI) provided food materials along with utensils and clothes to families of 50 storm affected households.

Han, who has been in Pokhara since one month, visited the extremely affected Dalit settlement in Hardiya of Swarna Rural Municipal, Bara and handed over the relief material to the houses.

A relief fund was intiated by Han and Jaai Thakar from Fusion Analytic Company through social media. A total 240 thousands was collected by Han from her mother and friends in Canada. The relief was handed over to families in Hardiya on Sunday in a program coordinated by Hemraj Pahari, tourism entrepreneur from Lakeside Pokhara.

The relief team that visited Bara comprised Dinnath Baral, Assistant Secretary of Federation of Nepali Journalists KaskI, Sunil Khatri, Han and Pahari. Program was locally coordinated by Prakash Tharu and journalist Shankar Acharya. The team also provided Rs. 5100 to family members of three deceased. The relatives of Shree Prasad Yadav, Prabha Ahiron and Tarikha Khatun received the amount.

The storm that killed 29 was later identified to be the first tornado in Nepal.


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