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Efforts To Promote Gharpajhong Fort Of Mustang

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Efforts are being made to promote and conserve historical Gharpajhong Fort of Mustang district. Lately the existence of fort was in danger as the concerned authority failed to provide any conservation effort and attention.

Gharpajhong Rural Municipality has put forward the promotion plan with the aim of developing the site as a historical tourism heritage. The Detail Project Report (DPR) for the project was already prepared last year. 3.6 Million has been allocated in current fiscal year for the conservation plan of fort. Infrastructures like Protection Wall and entrance gate are being constructed with the budget.

Gharpajhong is derived from the word “Garawajong” which means means a village liked by all. The fort presents picturesque image of Thini village, Dhumba lake, Nilgiri and Dhawalagiri himalayas.

Gharpajhong fort lies at a distance of 3 km from Jomsom at 45 minutes walking distance. The village also features places like Hiu Chituwa Cave, Kuchup Terenga Gumba in near proximity.

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