Kaski Police Raising Awareness On Drug Addiction And Cyber Crime In Schools

Tourism Pokhara- Kaski police have started raising awareness regarding drug addiction and cyber crime in schools of Pokhara.

After conducting extensive campaign against drug abuse, Kaski police have now initiated a campaign against cyber crime, social network abuse in particular and drug addiction as well.

As a part of campaign, Kaski Police organised a training and interaction program among students of Motherland Higher Secondary School, Masbar on Friday. Chief Guest of program, SP Ashok Singh, chief of Kaski Police urged the students to stay away from drug abuse and be alert about the misuse of technology.

Addressing the students, Singh said, “The development of time and technology have invited varieties of evils in society. Misuse of Social Networking SitesĀ  is excessive among youths in particular. Similarly youths have become victim of drug addiction as well.” He requested the students to stay far from these social evils and help themselves build a bright future instead.

In the program, Singh answered various queries and curiosity of students on topics like drug addiction and role of police to control it, role of community to control drug addiction, role of police to control and eradicate corruption, traffic rules and behaviour of police.

Narayan Prasad Baral, Principal of School expressed his gratitude to Nepal Police for organizing such awareness raising program in schools aiming the right audience as well.

The program was conducted among grade 11 and 12 students, teachers and journalists to train the students about drug addiction, its effect, measures to control it and cyber crime as well.

Kaski Police have conducted such awareness programs against drug addiction in various schools and places in recent time coordinating with the community.

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