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Millenium Trek Seeking Revival

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With private and public sector both attempting to boost tourism sector in Nepal, new trekking routes are being identified frequently in recent times.

Amidst this pursuit of new route, however an existing ‘Millenium Trek’ route is now seeking for revival instead. The 72  km long trek that connects Dulegauda of Tanahu to Rambachchha of Syangja has often been overshadowed due to political updowns and disinterest of concerned authorities.

Harka Gurung, Secretary General of the Millennium Trek Management Committee, said that the route has not been able to announce its presence as per its potential even though being first of its kind in mid hill region. According to him, the trek route ranges from 420 meters to 1,715 meters altitude from sea level covering 22 VDCs of Syangja and Tanahu districts.

4 resorts and 13 homestays are already in phase of construction targeting the potential development of route. Also promotion campaign has been initiated with help of media personnels and concerned authorities in an attempt to re-awaken the route.

In the inauguration ceremony of promotion campaign organized with the help of Nepal Tourism Board, Pokhara Office and co-ordination of Millennium Trek Management Committee, Thaman Bahadur Ale, Second Vice-chairman, Harka Gurung, Secretary General, Gopal Bhandari, Accountant Officer of Nepal Tourism Board, Pokhara Office, Rajkumar Wagle, Chairman of FNCCI Dulegauda unit, Bikram Khand Thakuri, Chairman of Dhor Durbar Conservation Committee and other expressed their views on importance Millenium Trek.

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