MPA Pahari Donates Rs. 80,000 For Fewa Conservation Program

Tourism Pokhara. Member of Provincial Assembly of province 4, Jagat Pahari hand overed his 2 months salary worth Rs 80,000 for the conservation program of Fewa lake in Pokhara.

Inaugurating the ‘No Vehicle Zone’ program in Lakeside, tourism centre of city, Pahari handovered the cheque to Jagat Bahadur Pahari, Chairman of Ward-6 and coordinator of the program.

Addressing the program, MPA Pahari said that the existence of Fewa lake is complementary to the existence of tourism industry of Pokhara. Also Pahari said that his effort was aimed at attracting the attention of government. He added that the government should spend at least 50% of the income generated from Fewa lake area for the conservation and promotion of lake itself.

Pahari added that the government should allocate about 25 millions immediately to prevent lake from natural and human  encroachment. He said that the focus should be given to repair the existing dam and control the flooding of mud to the lake.

Pahari said that No Vehicle Zone campaign should be conducted for long run and urged every sectors to help the campaign. The program was jointly inaugurated by MPA Pahari and Man Bahadur Gc, Mayor of Po.Le Metropolitan. Bishnu Bahadur Bhattarai, coordinator of Security Management Committee and Ward Member informed that the first phase of No Vehicle campaign will be conducted at Hallanchowk to Barahighat area in Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 1am midnight.

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