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Hotels in Pokhara ready to welcome guests- Chairman Tulachan

Tourism Pokhara. Pokhara street festival is all set to begin from 28th Dec with a slogan “sadakmai khau, sadakmai nachau, sadakmai ramau”. Street festival, which brings together all tourism related businesses, is more exclusively celebrated among hotel entrepreneurs of the city. Therefore the hotels in Pokhara are all ready to give a remarkable first impression to the visiting internal as well as international tourists. It will be a great achievement to whole Pokhara’s economy even if one day stay of visitor can be lengthened.

In the same context, we have chitchatted with Western Hotel Association’s chairperson Mr. Bikal Tulachan about street festival and the association’s perspective to the festival. A brief part of our conversation is presented here:

-Hotels are going to be the next home for arriving guest, what are your preparations to host them?
Though the official organizer of street festival is Reban, i believe on behalf of hotel association, we are equally responsible and closely linked to this event. As you have mentioned we are the first door our guest are going to knock on, the greatest responsibility and eagerness is highly felt by us. We are working hard to give maximum satisfaction to our guest and i believe we have prepared sufficiently to overcome this challenge.

What special discounts/ offers are you providing to attract incoming guests?
– Our prime focus is to provide hospitality to our guests. We want to ensure maximum service and outstanding facility to our guest. Offers and discount are provided as mentioned in our existing rate list. Additional offers can be provided by hotels themselves.

Often people complain about price hike during such festivals? Do hotels really take these events as earning opportunity?
– Yes, i have also heard such complains. Specially those outside of hotel associations have done so in previous times. People can file complaint against those misconducts and we are ready to take action against them. Otherwise we provide our service in our existing rates.

– What sort of punishment will you provide to those opportunist if complaint are filed with proof?
Initially membership from hotel association will be suspended. If proved further punishment can be provided as per black marketing Act.

– What is the occupancy rate in hotel? How much tourist are you expecting?
There is still time before festival starts. The later two days invites more tourists. Since nepalese seldomly book in advance, we cant precisely forecast but we expect 20 to 30pc increase in visitors. As of present 60-70% is already booked.

– Final words to festival visiting guests?
Firstly to all the internal and external tourists, i want to inform that the grandest street festival of Nepal is commencing from 28th Dec. We generally attract 60% of old visitors and the rest are new faces. I expect same love from old guests . Also i request for an opportunity to let us serve our new guests as well as old guests. I want to assure everyone that we are ready to welcome you all and finally a invitation from my personal as well as hotel association behalf for a “Chulo Nimto”.

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