Warm Gesture of Humanity From Tourism Entrepreneur Of Pokhara

Tourism Pokhara

A foreigner is taking medication at Metro City Hospital, Pokhara after he was found unconscious in his lodge room. Govinda Raj Pahari, owner of Butterfly Lodge, Pokhara rushed him to hospital and has been taking care of patient who is diagnosed with brain tumor.

Gordan Blake, 65 yo British citizen came to Nepal one week ago. 4 days ago, he was found unconscious  lying in his lodge room and was taken Ciwec hospital at Lakeside, Pokhara by Pahari with the help of tourist police. Blake was later referred to Metro City from Ciwec for further treatment.

Pahari informed that Blake’s family will join him on Saturday. He also requested the fellow tourism entrepreneurs to recognize tourism industry not only as opportunity but also as responsibility.

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