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Wildlife Population Surges Up In ACAP

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A notable upsurge of wildlife and avifauna population has been experienced around Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) and Dhaulagiri round circuit.

Hisan, Doba, Narchyang, Ghodepani of northern Myagdi and western areas of district, namely Gurja, Mudi, Muna, Takum, Rum and Okharbot have experienced such increase in wildlife. Annapurna circuit, which is one of the most popular tourism destination in Nepal, has seen a downfall of wildlife population in recent years.

As per the locals, the birds and wild animals who migrated to different places in search of favorable habitat and adequate appetite, have now returned back to forest. Animals that weren’t ever seen previously are also being observed in the area acvording to the locals.

Gam Bahadur Phagami, Chairman of Annapurna Rural Municipality-7, Histan, said that the transfer of ownership of forest to community could be the main reason for such increase. As community has actively participated in protection of the forest, the birds and wildlife, who were migrating due to lack of proper habitat and appetite, have returned to the forest, Phagami added.

Phagami informed that wild animals and birds including Red Panda, Bear, Tiger, Deer, Chibe, Kalij, Jureli, Titra can be now seen frequently in the forest of Ramche, Histan, Ghar, Sikh, Narchyang, Dana, Bhurung Tatopani and Dowa in the periphery of Annapurna circuit. Phagami also informed about the special arrangements made for the protection of wild animals and birds including the endangered Red Panda.

The rise in wildlife however has troubled locals of those areas as the wild animal have started damaging crops and preying pets of local households.

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