World Wildlife Day Celebrated In Pokhara

Tourism Pokhara. World Wildlife Day is celebrated by organizing an awareness program for conservation of wildlife in Pokhara. A conservation rally was organized by Green Associations of Institute of Forestry, Pokhara focusing on wildlife conservation.The rally that began from Sahid Chowk reached Hallan Chowk, Lakeside where students performed a road play related to wildlife conservation.

Naresh Khanal, coordinator of three day program informed that the road play was presented to inform general public about increasing poaching and illegal trade of wildlife as well as the importance of wildlife including the endangered big cats ( Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard) in maintaining ecological balance. Out of eight species of Big Cats found in the world, Nepal is habitat to 4 of them including tiger, leopard, clouded leopard and snow leopard.

Participants Of Rally

Lately poaching and illegal trading of these big cats have led them to a danger of extinction. To address the situation, this year, world wildlife day is celebrated with a theme, “Big Cats: Predators Under Threat”. In the rally jointly organised by AACD, UNC and Climates Nepal, the participants displayed placards with messages related to conservation of Big Cats. Coordinator Khanal also informed that the three day long program will include Essay Competition related to conservation, Interaction Program on Big Cats conservation as well as Prize Distribution program.

Poaching and illegal trafficking are the prime challenge of wildlife conservation. Different threats mostly caused by human activities along with lack of habitat and prey is also decreasing wildlife population. Ashok Subedi, conservation officer, said that the wildlife are facing danger due to lack of habitat caused by ever increasing physical infrastructural development by human. Rishi Baral, another conservation officer said that the general public should come together to preserve these Charismatic animals that are facing human as well as natural challenges. Mahendra Katila from Snake Conservation Nepal said that the conservation programs organized by Nepal Government should be more effective. The program is organized by National Trust for Nature Conservation and ACAP Pokhara along with Friends of Nature.

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